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It is always difficult to tell the biography of a great activist in a few lines.It’s the story of the late Fatma Ben Ali born in 1929 under the sky of the city of Nabeul and passed away in 2014.It was an exceptional woman’s journey, an intellectual one, who had the first diploma at Zitouna.This tribute has significance for me and it is to show myself that I am worthy of his legacy,of her inheritance since she was initiated by her mother to the love of nature which is reflected in the olive tree which she planted with her own hands.This love of the tree was transmitted to his daughters as a message of love and peace through the generations.our team is composed of 4 sister : Takoua Lassoued, Imen Lassoued, Ilhem Lassoued and Hajer Lassoued.

mission de lella fatma el baya

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of our olive oil by taking care of the olive tree, the picking technique, the grinding of the olive oil and it conservation,to help the consumer to know how to choose the best olive oil for him and to help the farmer produce the best olive .

vision de lella fatama el beya

Our Vision

Our vision is that olive oil become the principle oil for cooking health food, using it as a medicine and as a cosmetic product.

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Lella Fatma El Beya Farms

Extra virgin olive oil Chemleli variety

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Extra virgin olive oil Chtoui variety

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Extra virgin olive oil

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Extra virgin olive oil